Perfect Cupcake Tower


125 g Salted Butter (Mooi River or Fresh homemade Butter) 
200 ml castor sugar 
7 ml vanilla essence (
2 eggs 
280g self-raising flour 
2 ml salt 
200 ml Full Cream Milk (2% Low Fat or Fat Free can be used)

Vanilla Butter Icing

125 g Salted Butter (Mooi River or Fresh homemade Butter) 
250 g icing sugar 
7 ml vanilla essence  (

Note: Woolies has those vanilla cupcakes with a drop of caramel on the top. Kids love it. You can do this by adding Caramel Treat by Nestle.

  • Preheat oven to 200ºC 
  • Cream Clover Butter and sugar until smooth and creamy. (Pale yellow cream colour)
  • Add vanilla essence and eggs, beating well after each addition. (Smell test: If the eggs are strong add another 2ml of vanilla essence) 
  • Fold in salt and sifted flour alternately with milk. (End with Milk mixture and mix well) 
  • Spoon into paper cases until three quarters full.
  • Bake in for 12-15 minutes. 200ºC 
  • Makes 24 cup cakes.

To make the vanilla icing: 

  • Cream the Clover Butter, icing sugar and essence.
  • Add a little milk to make a spreadable consistency if needed.

The Castle Cake: How to make Turrets with Jessi

Jessi on How toHow to make turrets for a castle cake! 

Step 1 & 2: Flip the sugar cone onto some modeling chocolate and trace around it to create a base for the turret. Smooth the edges a bit so it’s nice and even. You can use water or some gumtex glue to get everything to stick.
How to make Glue:
To make the glue, take about a 1/4 tsp of gum-tex (or Tylose powder), mix it with 2 Tbsp of warm water and let it sit in the fridge overnight.
Note: It won’t dissolve right away and will have a clumpy texture. 
Step 3:
Cut out 8-10 strips of modeling chocolate 6″wide by 1/2″ high. I used my pasta machine and put it on number 4.

Step 4 & 5:
Add some water/glue to the first strip and wrap it around the base of the cone trimming cleanly in the back. I pinched the top edge a bit against the cone to secure the strip.
Step 6:
Use a sharp edge ( I used the exacto knife) to cut little slits in the first layer. As I pressed in, I lifted up slightly to bring that bottom edge out and up a bit…just slightly. You don’t want to make the slits exactly the same distance apart…you want them to be a bit natural and uneven. Well, at least I did! 🙂

Steps 7-8:
Continue layering the strips, cutting them cleanly in the back. Make sure to add the slit detail to each layer before adding the next one.

Step 9:

To get the top finished, I cut out a small circle and quartered it. I then folded the cut edges together to form a little cone and placed it on top.

Lesson Learned:  Make sure the Turrets are covered all round as they can crack as seen below.

Beauty Kit- Cake


Cakes by Bee

Bacherlorette Party Cake

Adult Cakes

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Cakes: Pole Dancer 2D


Pole Dancer 2D

Adults Chocolate Ganache

The delicious indulgence  "Chocolate Ganache"


227 grams : Semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, cut into small pieces

180 ml : Heavy whipping cream

28 grams : Unsalted butter

1 tablespoon :  Brandy (optional)


1. Place the chopped chocolate in a medium sized heatproof bowl.

2. Heat the cream and butter in a small saucepan over medium heat.

3. Bring just to a boil.

4. Pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and allow to stand, without stirring, for a few minutes. Approx 2- 4 minutes.

4. Stir gently with a spoon or whisk until smooth. If desired, add the liqueur.


Makes enough ganache to cover one – 23 cm cake.